Logo Preparation

Why do my logo colors change when I upload them to the website?

Dye sublimation printing processes uses a CMYK color palette which differs from the RGB palette you see on a computer monitor. We've made sure that the color you see on our site is as close to the actual printed color as we can possibly accomplish. For this reason, your logo may not fall within the CMYK spectrum and will be adjust slightly to match the nearest CMYK color.

I don’t have any vector artwork for my design. What should I do?

Submit what you have. We charge $15 to manually vectorize your logo. We understand that logo costs may not have been in your original budget for this purchase so we’re here to help. There are some automated options out there, just keep in mind most automated vector options lose quality/detail of your logo. When we create it manually, we don’t.

Can I design my own jersey concept?

Yes. If you have your own custom design feel you can purchase the $80 design service. With this service, we will add your design to the online design which will give you the control to add more logos, change colors, or add personalization without further intervention from our design team. If you would like for us to create a unique template for you, then you can use the same $80 service.

I don’t have a logo, what should I do?

You can order a jersey without a logo or have one made. In time we’ll offer this service, but we just aren’t quite ready yet.

Vector Graphics

The online designing software is able to read and display a variety of logo file types including; jpegs, pngs, .eps, .svg, ai, PDF and more. For many products we require a vector logo in order to print. If you do not have your logo in vector format then we offer a service of $15 per logo to have it vectorized for production purposes. This is a one time fee per logo and will give you access to our entire print product catalog at no additional charge.

Logo Transparency

It is best practice to remove the background of your logo. Generally, a png raster or any vector file will hold transparency properties. If you aren't able to do so, this service is included within our $15 vectorization service.

I uploaded a vector file, why is it still charging me for vectorization?

The most likely reason for this is that you saved a raster image with a common vector file extension. This does not actually vectorize the graphic. To vectorize a logo properly you can research "image tracing". Otherwise, we charge $15 for the service. If you are certain the logo is in proper layered vector format and you are still receiving a charge, pleast contact customer support to report the false negative.

Trimming Canvases

While adding padding to your logo file is good practice, in order for your logo to be useful across our platform for as many products as possible, it’s actually best to remove as much of the canvas as you possibly can. In software like photoshop, you are able to trim transparent pixels. In software like illustrator you will have to match the canvas size to the logo size or dragging the canvas size to snap into place.


Shipping costs

Region Single Jersey Ship Time Carrier
U.S.A. $7.95 1-5d Varies
Rest of the World ~$20.00 7-14d USPS

When does my lead time begin?

Lead time begins the first day after payment is received.

What’s the lead time?

Vector Graphics 1-3 days
Design Packages 3-5 days
Starter Jerseys

7-12 day

Standard Jerseys 10-17 days
Sportswear 4-5 weeks
PPE Standard 10-14 days
PPE Premium 3-4 weeks
T-Shirts 10-14 days
Headwear 10-14 days



Manufacturer's suggest retail price is the price for a single unit. We do not have a minimum order quantity on most products. We do not have any hidden costs within our product printing. All names, numbers, flags, and aliases on our cut and sew products are included within the price. For this reason, and because anyone can visit the site, design a jersey using one of our online templates, and purchase without any jersey design fees, we must show our pricing based on this type of buyer. For teams looking to outfit their players with jerseys, you will almost never pay the MSRP price. For as few as 4 jerseys, you will begin to earn bulk discounts. Furthermore, as your account progresses, you will receive tier discounts.

Discount Methods

We have carefully crafted a discount program as fair to as many people, with different purchasing habits, as possible. We offer two pricing models, both of which are available to everyone at all times. We will always provide the “best” of the two, based on the mix of products being purchased.

Bulk Discount

Bulk discounts are one of two discount methods we use. They are granted when you make a purchase of the same product in larger quantities. These bulk quantities are calculated in real time, so if you want to experiment with the quantity to see what the price will be given any quantity, you can do so. Additionally, if you purchase items within the same production workflow we will offer the bulk discount achieved from your main item and apply that discounted rate to the lower quantity items. For example, if you are purchasing 9 mens jerseys and 1 womens jersey then you will receive the 9 piece bulk rate for not only the 9 mens jerseys but also the 1 womens jersey. However; you will not receive a 10 piece bulk rate. We offer it in this way because we don’t think it’s fair to charge full price for the low item, but there are also internal graphics required on our end.

Account Program Discounts

Program discounts are our version of what many may call “column pricing”. Tier pricing is based on your purchasing, selling, and referral history over the previous 365 days. The tier that you qualify for today will always be granted to you for the next 365 days. Tier pricing also serves as the backbone of fundraising. The greater your performance, the better your discount, and ultimately the more you’re able to earn for your team or league.

Warranties & Returns

Wrong or Damaged Items

If we made a mistake and didn’t follow your design or an item comes in damaged, please contact us immediately so we can make it right. We take pride in our products and want our customers to be 100% satisfied with our work, even you.


Because all of our products are custom made, we are not able to refund any item that was made in accordance to the submitted order.  Once you place your order, that is your approval to move forward to production. 

For this reason, it’s very important that you carefully review your order prior to submitting.

Always check spelling of names, sizes, logo placements, colors and orientation. 


We work hard to systemetize, automate, and provide to our clients the best and fastest solution in the industry. Due to this, we are only able to cancel orders before they go into production. Depending when you place your order and how long artwork takes this timeframe can vary anywhere from 1-24 hours. The reason for the range is that we batch all of the days orders at one time. If you placed your order near the end of the batch then your window to cancel would be quite limited. This also means you would receive your product quickly.

Fundraising Partnerships

Tool Kit

We offer to everyone three fundraising opportunities for your team, channel, or other enterprise. Stores, affiliate links, and apparel sponsorships. You will have your own user dashboard to save your logos, designs, rosters. Manage your products, price, and promocodes. View your traffic, sales orders, and commissions.

Sponsorship Giveback

The third fundraising tool for your team is provided by reinvesting your raised funds back into merchandise. For every dollar you have earned and decide to use to make additional purchases through us, we will make a percentage based contribution towards your purchase. The percentage we contribute is based on your tier level.

Affiliate Links

We offer referral links for you to share and raise funds for three different websites; playmakerswanted.com for esports, teamseams.com for sports, and inkcenter.com for businesses. You can turn any friend, relative, or business into a potential sponsor of your team by sharing your link with them for common purchases they make for jerseys, tshirts, hats, and hoodies.


All you need is a vector and digitized logo and you will unlock access to hundreds of print and embroidery products to fulfill your needs or sell to your team or community. You will be granted access to manage your own store at no charge. Your cost is based on your tier. We do not limit your sales price so you are able to adjust pricing yourself to increase your fundraiser or decrease it to nothing. Your sales are displayed within your account in real time with a live ledger of your sales and earnings.

Payment Methods

Credit or Debit Card

We offer secure checkout through a reputable credit card processing service.  Your payment information is not stored anywhere on our servers. All major cards are accepted including; Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Diners Club.

Fundraising Sponsorship

Once you’ve fundraised and have money in your account you will be able to proceed through check out using those funds. We also provide a sponsorship for reinvesting your funds into our products.

Purchase Orders

We offer a streamlined process that allows teachers and procurement staff to apply for this program. Once approved, your account will be granted the ability to upload a purchase order document in the form of pdf, jpeg, or png. This document will serve as payment, zero your cart, and allow you to proceed through checkout and place your order.

Personalization & Rosters


Rosters provide an editable table for team managers to input all of their player information in one workplace. You can work on a roster from the online designer, shopping cart, or by saving a roster and accessing it through your user dashboard. Your current roster will remain active and stored on your account. Rosters are the portal to accessing bulk discounts. The more units you add to your roster the better the discount.


We offer 4 personalization options:


Our designer personalization options and roster management are interconnected. In order to add names, aliases, numbers, and flag personalization to your roster you will first need to add it to your mock up through the online designer. Once you’ve added the graphic component, decided on a font, color, and placement, then you will be able to edit those inputs on your roster.


For sublimated jerseys, all personalization options are included in your jersey price. Adding or removing any of the four personalization options will not impact your price.


Throughout the process, we will display the placeholder text of NAME, ALIAS, 00, and a ?flag? with question marks. This is done so that items can be placed in a store to demonstrate variable options.

Products & Sizing

How do I measure myself for sizing?

With arms relaxed, measure around the body at the fullest part of the bust/chest, keeping the tape parallel to the floor. Or, go to your dresser drawer and see what size your t-shirts are.

Our jerseys and t-shirts are made as relaxed fit unless otherwise noted.  The relaxed fit runs a bit bigger so there is no need to order up a size for a comfortable fit. 

Too Many Size Charts

Are there minimum or maximum orders?

No. Order one item or order many. The "per jersey" price decreases with each additional identical jersey purchased. (Roster information: Name and/or flag change still counts as identical).

What fabric are the shirts made out of?

All sublimated cut and sew products are made from 100% polyester moisture management material. Various direct to garment, embroidery, or screen printed items will vary in fabrication. Please refer to each product's respective description for detailed fabric composition information.

Care Instructions

General Care Instructions:

1. Washing:
   - Machine wash cold with like colors.
   - Use a gentle cycle.
   - Turn garments inside out to protect prints and embroidery.
   - Avoid bleach and fabric softeners.

2. Drying:
   - Tumble dry on low heat or hang dry.
   - Avoid high heat to prevent shrinkage and damage to prints and embroidery.

3. Ironing:
   - Iron inside out on low heat.
   - Do not iron directly on prints, embroidery, or films.

4. Special Care for Specific Methods:
   - Sublimated Products: Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to prevent fading.
   - Screen Printed Products: Do not dry clean as it may damage the print.
   - Embroidered Products: Use a pressing cloth if ironing directly over embroidery to avoid flattening the stitches.
   - Direct to Garment (DTG): Wash before first use to remove any pre-treatment residues.
   - Direct to Film (DTF): Handle with care to avoid peeling of the film print.

By following these care instructions, you can ensure the longevity and vibrancy of your custom garments.

Vector & Digitizing File Ownership

Any vectorization or digitization fee consists of the labor required for the graphic for the sole use of purchasing SigmaWear Brands, including; Exclaim, TeamSeams, or Ink Center branded products. The source file remains the property of Exclaim.gg, teamseams.com, and Ink Center. The service deliverable is your logo placed within your account with the respective brand. You will have access to utilize this logo for any future purchase and will not be required to make this payment again.

Store Closures

If you no longer need your store for any reason, you can remove all products, publish an empty store, and change the URL to something generic. We are working on a more official store closure process, but this is the current solution. Since the stores are your property, we will not capitalize on your brand's products after termination. Unlike many marketplace formats that continue displaying your brand's trademarks after you stop using their service, we respect your decision to leave. While we always hope to retain your business, we will not continue publishing your trademarks on our templates and in our stores once you have ceased usage.

IP Licenses

By utilizing our service you ensure you hold the license to print any trademark uploaded to SigmaWear brands; exclaim.gg, teamseams.com or inkcenter.com. 


If you require a third party font that is not listed on SigmaWear Brands; exclaim.gg, teamseams.com, or inkcenter.com then we require proof of license. We highly recommend using Google Fonts as most Google Fonts are available under the Open Font License (OFL). This license allows users to use, modify, and redistribute the fonts freely as long as they are not sold by themselves. The OFL is designed to be a free and open-source license specifically for fonts and related software. It encourages the creation of collaborative font projects where designers can share and improve each other’s work. The key point of the OFL is that it permits both personal and commercial use, modification, and distribution, making it a highly flexible option for both individuals and businesses.